Button (2021-)

A hand-shaped plumb hanging at a shoulder height; molds with bodliy curve are pouring in or spiling out of a hopper; a conveyor breaks into two parts, extends the space between two wood blocks. They two are playing the role of "entrance" and "passage" to create a new circulation in the space.


The other day when I put on my coat, a button went through a wrong buttonhole-my shirt inside-it fitted, in an odd way. Subconsciously, I corrected this "mistake".

Button and buttonhole, a pair of things, join two pieces of fabric together-the function is also the metaphor-activate two independent parts to becoming a whole. To represent this metaphor that lies between different materials, works, even the relationship between the work and its context; artist and artwork.

I was obssessd with both the metaphor and mundanity of button and buttonhole. As the beginning concept of these works.